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Our Services


We do our best to get your dogs out within 3 hours. Please let us contact you when they are done. Every interruption slows us down about 10 minutes. Thank you.

We specialize in senior and special needs dogs. Every dog should feel beautiful and be treated well!*

  • Dog Grooming (Full service grooming starts at $40, average price $45)
  • Cat Grooming (Starts at $40)
  • Dental Care
  • Bathing ($20 +, bath dogs can sometimes be easily added to schedule)
    Bath includes: Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Shampoo, Conditioner, Gland Expression, bow/bandana
  • Does your dog hate car rides? We can come to you! To your door nail trims, $20 (within 10 miles)
  • Creative Services
  • Shed less Program
    Works best every 4-6 weeks, dramatically reduces shedding includes speciality shampoo/conditioner, wet blowout, 15-30 minutes brush time.
  • JUST FOR FUN – Colorful K9 Ears & Tail $15, Body $100+
    Stencling $10, Bling $2, Booty Bling $5, Feathers $5
  • Flea Preventatives – Additional $10 (small dog) & $30 (large dog) because we have to treat entire shop to prevent infestation
  • Aroma Therapy
    Doterra essential oils added to shampoo & used in grooming to relax anxious/nervous dogs.
    Both Lavender & Camomile oil are soothing for anxious and fearful pets.
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Basic Training
  • CGC Training
  • Pet Reiki

*There is a small up-charge fee depending on the condition and behavior of animal

*Since we work with all types of dogs, including special needs, we need to know of any behavior, health problems, or injuries prior to the visit.

All of our staff work off commission. If there are no appointments we maybe out of the shop during open hours. We are usually near by and can come in for nail trims & appointments.




Grooming dogs are harder to squeeze in the schedule and generally require an appointment.

Bath and Brush Service
Includes a comforting scrub down with one of our natural daily shampoos, leave in conditioner, blow dry, brushing, paw pad trim, nail clipping, ears cleaning, cologne, and an optional bow or bandana. Baths start at $20.00 for the smallest dogs and go up.

Super Fresh
(Add on service $15 more that bath or groom price)
Includes the scent of your choice (currently Blueberry Pie or Rainforest) foaming facial, shampoo, hydrating conditioner, body spritz, and breath spray will leave your pet smelling better than ever!  You will smell the difference!

Itchy and Scratchy
Although some skin issues stem from food or internal issues and diet, we have many natural products to help soothe your pets inflamed skin and ease the itch. This upgraded package offers a wide variety of shampoos, leave in conditioners, creams, sprays and essential oils.   We will do our best to help find the right solution to your itchy dog problem.  Prices depend on severity. Average price is $15 ($20-30 for severe or XL dogs)




Upgrades are $15 in addition to the bathing or grooming price quoted for your pet aside from the Dirty Hippie which does not include bath.

Super Fresh: Foaming face wash, scented shampoo, scented conditioner, breath spray $15

Itchy & Scratchy: Medicated shampoo, itch relief spray, leave-in conditioner, soothing spray or cream, ear flush $15 (XL $20)

Colorful K-9: Color tipped ears or colorful tail $15, Whole Body $100+

Pawdicure: Dremeling, fizzy feet tablets, and pad softening oil

Nervous Nelly: Lavender shampoo, conditioner, aroma therapy, and extra special care $7

Peace of Mind: Reiki Sessions $25 for 30 minutes, $50 for full hour

Concerned Citizen: Pet parents stay during grooming experience (must sign waiver) Additional $15

Dirty Hippie: Face, feet, and fanny trim $15… with nails $20




Add On Services items are $5.00 a piece

  • Foaming Facial
    Included in pampered pet program
  • Top Shelf Shampoo
  • Medicated Shampoo
  • Medicated Conditioner
  • Speciality Conditioner
  • Anti-Itch Cream
  • Tea Tree/ACV Bath Treatment
  • Fresh Breath
  • Ear Flush
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Fizzy Feet Tablets
  • Nail Filing (Can be done on walk in basis)
  • Paw Pad/Dry Nose Treament
  • Mud Bath $10


Prevention is the key to fleas!

Flea bath rates:

$10 Small Dog
$15 Medium Dog
$20-$30 Large Dog

We also offer Capstar, Advantix, Wondercide, and Diatomocious Earth as additional treatments.

Because cat grooming can be dangerous and usually requires two people, the price is more than a typical dog groom.

Baths $40

Cat grooming is $60.00 and can go up depending on the cat, its coat, and size.

In order to better service the needs of all our furry friends, Hippie Hounds is now offering a Pampered Pet Program. The PPP guarantees your appointment by setting a permanent placeholder on a specific day of each week, bi-week, tri-week ,or 4 weeks basis. This appointment will be guaranteed for a period of 6 months from the date of acceptance with an automatic renewal unless notified. This program was designed with our dependable clients in mind.  When you include your pet in the PPP you will receive many incentives and benefits, such as a FREE hypo allergenic foaming wash or blue berry facial, top shelf shampoos & conditioners, FREE nail filing, dental cleaning, a take home treat, special accessory! Ask about the price breaks! (yet to be determined)

Dogs must be booked in advance and stay on schedule to qualify. ALL BREEDS WELCOME TO JOIN.

Free to join, only requirement is commitment.